A new concept of commercial furniture for Noriel store chains

With a chain of 47 stores in 27 cities and a strong online platform Noriel is a leader in retail toy stores in Romania. The company was founded in 1995 by the family Constantinescu as importers and distributors of toys and games. In 1999 the company created “Toys and Games”, their own production division of games and puzzles.

Noriel continued to develop by entering the retail market in 2010, financially supported by investor Balkan Accession Fund, thus creating a stores network specialized in selling games and toys. Noriel became in a short period of time the most important distribution channel in Romania for its own brands and for many other international brands. In 2015 Noriel sales increased by 26% over the previous year, with around 30 million €, informs Antena3.ro.

Commercial Retail Furniture manufactured by Atvangarde

Specialized in the manufacturing of furniture for commercial spaces, Atvangarde remains the provider of retail furniture for Noriel after 47 stores being opened in 6 years. The new concept of furniture came with the takeover of Noriel store chains by Polish Enterprise Fund VII who wanted to implement the new concept in a short period of time, also maintaining stores that already exist.

It was a challenge, giving the high complexity, for the designers, project management and also for the production team. Thereby in just two months Atvangarde was able to manufacture and assemble furniture in four new locations like: Bacau, Braila, Constanta and Ploiesti.

“The performance achieved by Noriel over the years is impressive and Enterprise Investors may continue this ascending trend, creating at the same time new opportunities for Noriel in the future” said Jacek Wozniak, partner of Enterprise Investors, responsible for this investment. “Our goal is to make each visit to Noriel a memorable experience for children and their families.”

Producing this kind of furniture requires complete and complex technological means like: carpentry tools, CNC machine, dyed MDF, metalworking, electrostatic dyeing and last but not least processing acrylic composite materials – HI-MACS.



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