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Atvangarde Commercial furniture! Why do customers choose to work with us?

Mobilier benzinarie_01EXPERIENCE

With extensive experience in the manufacturing of store furniture, Atvangarde understands the functional requirements, aesthetics, image and also cost, specific for each brand. For over 10 years Atvangarde has manufactured commercial furniture for all retail categories present in the large shopping centers and malls: clothing stores, shoe stores, baby items and toys stores, bars, night clubs, restaurants, gas stations, pharmacies, dental clinics, jewellery islands, perfumeries. Our portfolio says everything: Noriel, Dona’s pharmacie, Plafar, Centrofarm, Socar gas stations, Otter, Winston, Aldo, Mega Mall, Millennium, Art&Craft, Bigotti, F64, Autograf, Debenhams, Cavaliere, Quattro Stagioni, Costa Café, Ziggo&Damat, thus listing the most known.


Atvangarde has the latest manufacturing technologies necessary for the production of any kind of store furniture designs. Technologies for processing acrylic composite materials were completely assimilated (Hi-Macs, Corian, Staron, Hanex, Kerrock, Krion, Rau Visio), MDF, veneer, solid wood, melamine, HPL, stainless accessories, powder coated metal accessories, painted glass, materials specific for the advertising industry like: plexiglas, stiplex, forex, komacell, LED lighting systems, backlit, light boxes, logos.

Mobilier club HI-MACS prelucrat CNC_02AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGY

CNC processing – Atvangarde owns two CNC machines with 3 and 4 axis, making the realization of complex parts possible and high productivity as well.
Thermoforming and cold bending – a thermoforming press with a vacuo membrane is indispensable for achieving curved elements made of acrylic composite material, curved fronts made of MDF, receptions, etc
Last generation woodwork machines – in recent years Atvangarde has invested in the complete renewal of technologic equipment necessary in the manufacturing of furniture: cutting machines, ABS machines, bench mills, multiple drilling machines.
Dyed MDF – we own two MDF dyeing booths imported from Italy and the whole technology of preparation for MDF: aspirant tables, polish machines for surfaces and edges.
Metal processing and welding – we can do all kinds of metal commercial furniture like gondolas, islands, hangers, shelve, racks, slatwall accessories, powder coated sheets, etc.


For any kind of commercial spaces furniture we have a team of professional project managers – architects and designers – well trained for coordinating, planning and conducting complex projects for national and international brands. Regardless if it is furniture for stores, pharmacies, gas stations, hotels, clubs, coffee shops or bars, our architects will work together to find a functional solution. This way a unique brand experience will begin, surprising the audience, is functional with simplified manufacturing process and fitting while taking cost and manufacturing time in consideration together with respecting delivery time and quality standards. Our project managers will carefully watch over every detail of the project, making the 3 D design, choosing materials, estimating and streamlining cost.


Throughout the project development the technical team will be in touch with you and seek ways to improve and simplify the project and shorten the production and fitting of the furniture. All these action plans are done to reduce costs and optimize your budgets.

Production processVitrina HI-MACS Lucent

After 10 years of experience in manufacturing furniture for stores nothing is left to chance. The technical team is thoroughly prepared, constantly taking part in training activities conducted by our international collaborators and suppliers. Organizing the work team headed by project managers proved the most effective option while designing, launch and follow-up in production, installation and cost control.

Installation process

Because we understand how important a delivery term is for a shop the entire process of design and manufacturing seeks constructive simplification so that the fitting of the furniture to be as short as possible. The technical experience acquired in years of experience such as organizing and assembling teams make mounting operations to be conducted without jeopardizing fluent deadlines.

Warranty and post warranty services

Atvangarde provides a warranty of 2 to 10 years for materials and work performed,
depending on the material and the specific requirements of each project. Beyond the warranty period Technical Assistance Service are offered together with repair and replacement of damaged, worn or outdated items.

Projects and technological specifications are kept in order to ensure continuity and traceability in time for each category of customers. Customers choose to work with us because we offer turnkey solutions for commercial furniture meeting deadlines at the most competitive price-quality ratio in the market.