Commercial Furniture for SOCAR gas stations

The fuel distributors market is a very competitive one. Due to this competitiveness, the gas stations to differentiate from one another not only through the quality of the fuel but also but also thorough additional services offered. Thus, a gas station is no longer just the place to go for fuel, it becomes a multifunctional space that satisfy some of the most diverse needs, being a groceries shop, coffee shops or a fast food restaurant. That is the reason why gas station furniture has to meet the requirements for all these types of stores.

A major element in choosing the right furniture for a gas station is the quality of materials used. That is why, for the manufacturing of the furniture of the gas stations chain we wanted a material that is strong, resistant, hygienic and easy to clean because it was going to undergo a very high traffic. HI-MACS Natural Acrylic Stone is a composite material with a number of properties that make it ideal for this kind of projects, not only because of the endless possibilities of design but also thanks to the high level of functionality it adds to the furniture.

For the improvement of the gas station chain HI-MACS Natural Acrylic Stone was used in the shade of Alpine White for the manufacturing of the outer shelves of the two counter tops and the bar. The homogenous, non-porous surface of the material makes the surface extremely hygienic that meet the highest standards. In addition, the high resistance to mechanical factors makes it the perfect ideal to be used in a space that comes in contact with hundreds of people every day.

Regarding the design, the fact that HI-MACS is a thermo formable material and the fact that it can have invisible joints made possible the manufacturing of curved counters with smooth edges that follow the line of the wall.

The high-tech materials have been also used in restrooms, where the sinks and counters have been made of HI-MACS Alpine White due to its hygienic properties: homogenous surface and invisible joints that don’t allow the infiltration of dirt and bacteria and make it very easy to clean.

The space is composed of display furniture made of MDF painted in White matte and keeps the same line as the reception counter and bar.

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