Total rebranding for the Dinner Food chain of restaurants. Restaurant furniture from HI-MACS and veneered MDF

Dinner Food‘ became famous in 2010 by taking over the `Swiss Grill` chain of restaurants.Today it is undergoing a complete transformation of identity, aiming to influence consumers’ perception of the products and services offered.

The strategy behind the success of `Dinner Food` is based on the policy of fresh products, natural ingredients, free from`E` additives at a competitive price.

The `Dinner Food` chain owns 9 locations and has one franchise that will completely change in appearance by the end of the year.

“Through this concept I wanted to create a fresh, friendly environment, but at the same time strong and appealing.The goal was to present the product offered in any Dinner Food restaurant in a contemporary, modern way that can be found anywhere in Europe “says Mihaela Paris, creator of the new design concept for Dinner Food.

Because they are located in the food-court areas of shopping centers and large office building assemblies, this new concept has been aimed at introducing urban design elements using non-traditional materials inspired by concrete, cement and steel, painted with elements of solid wood (oak) that come to heat the space.Thus, even though the objective is commercial furniture, worktop and customer service has selected HI-MACS, Midnight Gray color,acrylic composite material which allows for the manufacture of one-piece restaurant furniture without visible joints, and for exterior facings,matted lacquered oak MDF veneers.

Furniture for the serving area –

Modular banquet tables and chairs following the same design stylewith fabrics of similar inspiration having been proposed: Upholstered sofas in red green leather on Arlington Oak benches, Countertops HPL compact cement finish with electrostatically painted steel legs, custom-made disposable furniture according to customer specifications in the same Arlington Oak and satin-coated sheet metal.

The anthracite gray walls were made use of by alternating decoration elements in the form of volumetres made from red matt MDF and veneered MDF with mirrors, stabilized mushrooms, painted metal pots for plants and metallic structures painted in electrostatic field.

The selection of materials has taken into account the long-term use of spaces under intense traffic conditions. All materials are known for their quality and resistance to mechanical and  thermal action.They are easy to clean and maintain , have excellent hygiene standards and are eco friendly.

“The materials we used – HI-MACS natural acrylic stone, natural wood, painted steel, porcelain ceramics, as well as the gray, red and white colors come to support the new image of the brand,” continues architect Mihaela Paris.

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