Enzo Bertini: commercial furniture for made of HI-MACS and high gloss painted MDF

Developing the whole Enzo Bertini concept is part of the strategy Benvenuti has for reaching a new market – shoes and leather products. “Because of the high prices we appeal to customers with high and very high incomes”, says Dan Pavel, the owner of Benvenuti. The new store concept will develop alongside Benvenuti, concept positioned on the upper-medium market.

Under the brand of Enzo Bertini, Benvenuti opened two stores in Baneasa Shopping City and Promenada Mall in Bucharest where they will sell shoes and leather products from designer collections like DKNY, Trussardi Jeans, CK, Pepe Jeans, Enzo Bertini, Napapiri, John Galliano and Roberto Cavalli.


Luxury commercial furniture concept from Atvangarde for Enzo Bertini

Eleven years of experience in manufacturing retail furniture, technical know-how and relevancy in manufacturing furniture for commercial spaces were the reasons why Atvangarde was chosen to manufacture both stores.

For the perimeter furniture, instead of the classical display/exposure panels volumetric furniture pieces were chosen, completed with display/exposure shelves made of high gloss finish MDF used for displaying bags and shoes. The pieces have been manufactured and dyed as volumetric pieces, allowing a metal supporting structure to be previously incorporated.

The idea of using volumetric pieces has been used for the field furniture as well. Display tables made of high gloss MDF were used as central pieces, in a gloss finish of white and espresso. The volumetric pieces are also used for the show-window furniture.

Commercial furniture made of HI-MACS

The cash-desk and retro desk areas are the most exposed to wear due to high traffic. For the manufacturing of these elements a modern and elegant material was wanted, similar to mirror finish dyed MDF but at the same time the material had to be resistant to mechanical actions:  scratches, bumps, etc. In order to meet all of the criteria HI-MACS has been chosen, a high-tech material made by LG Hausys. HI-MACS, along all the properties mentioned above, can be manufactured with invisible joints, making the furniture pieces appear as if made out of a single bloc, regardless of the size, strong-point that makes HI-MACS perfectly suitable for the manufacturing of commercial furniture.


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