The 10 years experience on the market of the biggest retailer for photo-video articles in Romania –F64, has been celebrated with the opening of a new store. The new space extends on 1300 square meters and is the biggest of its kind in south-east Europe. The design project was made by architect Matius Ichim  while the furniture pieces were made out of the most performant materials. The design is made up two perimeter furniture bodies. , field furniture, a cash-desk and a delivery-desk as well curved wall positioned at the entrance, back-lit, in which different logos of different photo-video equipment manufacturers are found.

The pieces of the perimeter furniture used for display purposes have been made of chipboard and have glass fronts for easy access and view to the products. Also, inside and at the top of the furniture bodies luminous cassettes have been recessed for a better display of the products.

The field furniture composed of 18 work points have been made of chipboard, MDF dyed white and the two applied ornaments have been made of HI-MACS Orange with CNC processing. The other two furniture pieces  made of HI-MACS are a cash-desk and a delivery-desk positioned face to face  in the store, in an asymmetric way.

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