Food court and public spaces furniture. Plaza Romania

“From the beginning we saw Plaza Romania as a perfect place for shopping, leisure time and offices at the same time. That is how Plaza Romania Offices are created – office spaces in the mall – stretching on a 10.500 square meters surface.” says Affan Yildirim, general manager of Alchor Group for The Financial Newspaper.

Plaza Romania has just ended a long renovation process for food-courts, entertainment, access and common spaces, parking lots and office spaces.


Food-court furniture manufactured by Atvangarde

A minimalist concept for public spaces furniture, with oversized monolithic pieces, spectacular and unique, having a functional role for partitioning the food-court area and also offering visual comfort and great visual experience for customers.

In order to successfully cope with the specific requirements of an intensive traffic area high quality, new generation materials have been used:

  • HI-MACS, a high-tech solid surface material and compact HPL for table tops and serving areas at the food-court;
  • Color core HPL on a MDF support and a dyed metallic structure for the serving bar and jardinières that also have a role in separating the food-court area.
  • Certified fabrics for public spaces, with endurance to wear and fire-proof for the furniture and modular sofas.
  • Satin stainless steel plinth, present in almost all the pieces of furniture for commercial spaces, for protection.
  • Solid oak and stainless steel benches as furniture for commercial spaces

Solid Oak benches were chosen for common traffic areas with stainless steel blades that follow the organic form of each piece. Each bench incorporates a jardinières made out of satin stainless steel. Although massive, some of them with over 4 meters in length, curved shape and plants at the center make a comfortable visual experience for customers.

Bathroom basins and countertops made of HI-MACS for Plaza Romania.  Once more, due to the properties that make it unique, HI-MACS, the solid surface acrylic material has been chosen for the manufacturing of bathroom basins and countertops for public spaces.

This is how countertops with an inclined design have been manufactured, design that masks water leaks and anesthetic valves.

Thanks to its property of having seamless joints the pieces have been designed as if manufactured from a single piece, even if some of the pieces are over 5 meters in length.

Another plus for HI-MACS are the hygienic properties, due to the homogeneous, non-porous structure, together with the fact that it has no joints, the bathrooms are very easy to maintain and clean, fact that is very helpful for a public space that is cleaned a number of times in 24 hours.

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