Furniture for Malls from Atvangarde – Shopping City Timisoara

“March was the grand opening day for Shopping City Timisoara. Extensive galleries bring the city more prestigious international brands and multiple options for leisure.

The completion of the second phase of construction of the new mall will bring to market the largest and most modern shopping center in western Romania with internationally known brands such as : Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, Pull&Bear, H&M, C&A, New Yorker, Cotton, LC Waikiki, CCC, Orsay, Motivi, Sport Vision, Hervis, Kenvelo, Lee Cooper, Time Out, Adidas, Pandora, Office Shoes, Deichmann, Sephora, Douglas, Tom Taylor, Collins, Suvani, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, with the largest and most modern cinema outside the capital” according to Opinia Timisoarei newspaper.

“The 83.8 million euro investment made by Nepi in Shopping City Timisoara is more than a shopping center development, it is one of the largest investments in Timis County in the last period. That is why completion of work at Shopping City Timisoara is one of the most important projects this year. We want to offer a mall that exceeds expectation for people in Timisoara and the entire population of the western region of Romania. Shopping City Timisoara offers jobs along various shopping and leisure options and also contributes to the economical development in the west.” said Tiberiu Smaranda, Executive Manager of Nepi.

Retail merchandising furniture made of HI-MACS

The total rentable area, the availability and impressive size of the Timisoara City Shopping recommends it as a place of great attraction for the public and a huge number of visitors. The decisive criteria in choosing the furniture manufacturers was the concept of using materials that are resistant to intensive traffic and wear but also with easy maintenance. Another criterion was integrating the new pieces of furniture with the general design of the mall.

Atvangarde suggested designs based on contemporaneous, very versatile materials, tested for use in public spaces like: HI-MACS, wood, stainless steel, HPL.

Mall reception, Info-desk

With an organic form of two reversed cone trunks, the mall reception is a visual center piece with a discontinuous line.


The choice in the selection of projects for furniture manufacturers decisive criteria was providing a furniture mall concept to have behind materials resistant to traffic and wear but as reduced maintenance, if is  possible closer to zero. Another criterion was integrating the furniture projects into the general design line of the mall.

Atvangarde has proposed compositions based on contemporary materials very versatile, tested in applications for public spaces, such us: HI-MACS, wood, stainless steel, HPL.

            Mall reception, Info desk

The organic form made of two inverted truncated cones, the mall reception is a piece of resistance and great visual attraction section of which changes continuously along the entire length.  If for the HI-MACS elements this is easy to achieve execution of 3D HPL elements and wood was a real challenge. If such elements are easy to manufacture out of HI-MACS due to the material’s properties of being thermoformed into 3 D forms and of having invisible joints, the manufacturing of 3 D pieces out of HPL and compact wood represent a true challenge.

            Signage elements for malls

The Info-points, totems that incorporate screens for commercials, totems at the escalator tops indicating directions of movement for commercial gallery on escalators and elevators, these are all organic elements, thermoformed products made of HI-MACS, bright intarsia made of HI-MACS Lucent, and in order to maintain the same general design line of the mall, side body work has been used, with the same HPL LED lighting contour as the Info-point furniture.

            Food court-furniture

Probably as in any mall or shopping center the food-court area it is the most exposed to traffic and wear, more than any other area. Atvangarde proposed a concept based on separating lodges composed of arcs that incorporate window boxes and modular sofas.

As for materials, melamine HPL applied to wood has been chosen for worktops while for the dining area compact HPL in the same color range as the flower pots. The table feet are custom-made out of black dyed steel and comply with all requirements regarding weight and stability.

Least but not last we mention the scrap food disposal furniture. The unique concept proposed by Atvangarde is made of compact HPL, laser cut steel sheets and powder coated steel.

            Shopping City Timisoara – was a very important project for Atvangarde and a true test of maturity for all departments involved: project management, production, logistics and assembly.  Successfully completing a project of this scale and complexity confirms once again the company’s strong position in the market of public spaces furniture and store furniture.

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Recepţie mall, infodesk

Elementele de semnalistică în mall

Mobilier food-court

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