Luxury furniture for Optiplaza Boutique.Flagship store in Baneasa Shopping City

The Optiplaza Group operates in the medical and optical optics field. Currently,in the sector of medium to luxury clientele in the 35 stores open since 2004. Their expansion policy continues on both the Optiplaza classics store and starting in December 2016, the inauguration of a new concept, `Optiplaza Boutique`, addressing exclusively the luxury sector  for medical optics, sunglasses and fashion. “A maturechain should have at least 100 stores,” said Marius Chiriac, CEO of Optiplaza Group for Money Channel.

For the new Optiplaza Boutique opened in Baneasa Shopping City, a concept of commercial furniture has been proposed, made exclusively from premium classical materials, super-gloss veneered MDF, and modern Hi-Macs, natural acrylic stone.

The concept of Optiplaza Boutique was to create a minimalist space from a formal point of view, to be emphasized only by the different types of finishes and textures chosen: the marble, the mirror, the wooden texture of the storage bodies, the white clean areas of exposure, “says architect Răzvan Dracea of ​​Ari Consult. “The sculptural central body made of HI-MACS sets the style of space. From the same formal family are also the extrusions of the furniture body, resulting in the exhibition shelves, and the treatment of the wall decoration, the broken lines being a recurrent theme. The chosen materials deepen the space and create an ideal light game to expose the different types of glasses and focus on them, the pieces put on sale being treated as “jewels”. Glasses are part of the luxury category, which is also reflected in the formal expression, materials and details used, “he continues.

The idea of a luxury product is suggested by a selective, uncoiled exposure in perimeter furniture. Thus, in the perimeter made of MDF veneered exotic Makasar veneer, geometric shapes niches made of HI-MACS Alpine White and brightly lit with LED light.

The non-conformist furniture approach to the store goes from the idea of minimalist exposure of the product so that the customer once interested in an exposed product is then presented with whole glasses collections that are stored in several dozen subdivisions with slim fronts without handles.

Cash desk furniture made of HI-MACS

The store’s resilience piece is the HI-MACS  reception as a one-piece, monolithic polygonal volumetry that looks like a huge cube of stone in the pit.

Its role is not to incorporate the cash register and card machines, but the presentation of glasses and customer communication. In addition, the cash register, card machines and the computer of the store can be found in the perimeter furniture invisibly and can be accessed by opening a niche.

Wall cladding HI-MACS

The minimalist character of the concept is continued throughout the right-hand side of the store. Due to the HI-MACS properties of invisible blending, this wall could be designed and built in the same way with the cash desk of the store. Thus Cartesian space geometry meets a material whose properties make any possible design possible.

HI-MACS  is an increasingly used material for walling both inside and at the ventilated facades, with all the fire reaction certifications, UV color change and easy maintenance.

To increase the sense of space and depth of the store, the wall was mirrored and the ceiling was made of Barisol with retro-LED lighting.

Thus, the architect Dracea achieves incredible design, spectacular with simplicity and minimalism, impressing the luxurious air of the new Optiplaza Boutique by combining classical materials with contemporary ones: exotic wood veneer and HI-MACS composite acrylic material.

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