The new Plafar headquarters: a special design in warm color tones. Although the use of space for the sale of pharmaceutical product impose some strict requirements in furniture design elements, due to the materials that were used and the color palette adopted the space became warm and welcoming creating the perfect framework for displaying various medical products.

The furniture was made using chipboard, a finish that mimics the natural wood highlighted by small color accents by treating the different fronts doors arranged at the lower part of the furniture. Although with a usually design in such spaces, the furniture field bring extra elegance by replacing shelves of pale with tempered glass shelves connected by rail slat and also with metal profiles supportive. The furniture perimeter is represented by an alternation of bodies of furniture with shelves made of melamine panels with metal rails -slat wall- where the products are presented in a homogeneous manner but airy and tidy. The furniture made in this case, as well as materials used helps with the shaping space and highlighting the products presented.

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