Retail Merchandising Furniture made of melamine chipboard and HPL for ALDO in Mega Mall Bucharest

The Romanian branch of ALDO, distributors of footwear and accessories opened the eight store in Romania, in Mega Mall Bucharest in May 2015.

The project is based on a strong concept found in over 60 countries and 2000 stores worldwide.  Over time ALDO tested a number of materials for the manufacturing of the Retail Merchandising Furniture, materials that correspond to the design concept, that are functional allowing the display of merchandise according to the brand’s merchandising policy and also resistant to intense traffic. In time melamine chipboard and HPL were chosen.

The manufacturing of high quality furniture made of these materials posed a true challenge. If the manufacturer doesn’t own the necessary technology for cutting, edge banding and appropriate gluing/pressing and if the personnel don’t have the experience of such projects, the result would be disappointing. After testing few manufacturers, starting the summer of 2014, ALDO choose to work with Atvangarde, the store in Mega Mall Bucharest being the second store made together.

Perimeter furniture: the concept creators from Aldo have chosen white chipboard for exposure panels and white volumetric displays, recessed fluorescent lighting with black edges banding in order to outline every black wall. For the background slat walls with adjustable aluminum panels have been chosen for shelves supports and metallic consoles for the display of footwear and handbags.

Field furniture: with a different design, in the form of volumetric store islands, made of white melamine chipboard and black HLP edges banding, equipped with chipboard shelves, powder coated metal shelves and metal gondolas with hangers for displaying accessories.

Cash desk and retro desk: have been designed so as to meet the needs for sales services and storage but also to match the general design of the store. Being more exposed to use and wear the cash desk and retro desk have been made of very resistant materials, the cash desk has been made of HPL and the store counter has been made of satin stainless steel. The Retro desk, designed as a storage element, is made of melamine chipboard and HPL.

Show-window furniture: having a large space available for the show-window and entrance, a generous design was possible with volumetric piece manufactured in stairs for the display of products.

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