Shoes store furniture for Otter in Mega Mall, Bucharest

The design of the commercial space was entirely developed by D3 / Abstract Design for Otter and is a new concept with the purpose of highlighting the brand and also increasing the exposure. That is why a minimalist approach was chosen for the furniture, with simple, straight lines. A true image exercise was made, without necessarily using expensive materials and uselessly charging the design.
Each area was designed in such a way that “filling” the space with products is uniform and each collection, brand or model is highlighted without looking cluttered.  This way the focus is on the exposed product, not on quantity.

Showcase furniture. The entire facade of the store was designed so as to attract attention immediately: large visuals, showcase furniture made in stairs, of white laminated chipboard, with contourclosings made of glass painted black.

Perimeter furniture. To highlight the products we have chosen a white background lightened with floodlights made from melamine chipboard framed by walls painted in anthracite. Those panels alternate with back-walls, mirrors and visuals.

The actual exposure of product is made on volumetric shelves and the product is lightened by the upper part of the shelf. The handbags collections are placed on volumetric shelves but the lighting is designed upwards through the glass. Placed on the shop entrance we find the casual shoe area. Here we used some visual impact elements to highlight key products such as LED light boxes. Same goes for the shoe brands.

Being a more “relaxed” area the furniture chosen was slat wall display panels allowing flexibility for merchandising and generous product exposure.

Field furniture. In the form of islands, for exposing the products, made of melamine. Volumetric presentation preserves that idea of stairs as the showcase furniture while having a double use, furniture used to showcase products and be used as a bench for trying the shoes.

Cash desk and retro desk. Keeps the general idea of a functional and minimalist design: manufactured with joints at 45 degrees and an anthracite color to highlight the white store background that incorporates all necessary elements:  cash drawer, documents drawers, spaces for storing bags and alarm tags, PC unit and cash register. The counter is white with the drawer front painted anthracite.

The white retro desk situated at the back of the store, made of shelves and glass boxes, has a double functionality, showcasing the accessories and storage.

Furniture for showcasing accessories: We find them in all types of furniture store. Framed by back walls or perimeter panels in the shape of showcase furniture or as islands with slat wall panels and metallic accessories for display.


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