Silver Mountain

The project developers of Silver Mountain from Poiana Brasov, were looking forexcellence in creating a unique Lifestyle concept in Romania: a multifunctional center with a full offer for leisure.

For the design of The Rockclub and Loftrestaurant the architect Robert Marin chose to use ecological materials that are very easy to maintain and extremely resistant to intensive use: HI-MACS, dyed MDF and solid wood.

The center piece of the club furniture is the bar, composed of a metallic structure at the insideand placedin the center of an atrium surrounded by a solid wood railing. As a defining element of design the of HI-MACS Lucent Opal bar counter catches the eye, being translucent special effects can be obtained using special LED lighting.

The composite material allows differential passage of light due to the CNC engraving technology on the interior side. The rounded corners of the tabletop bar give continuity and fluidity to the space and it was possible with three-dimensional thermoforming of the material. The base of the counter is made of curved MDF fronts dyed white in a matte finish. The tables, specific bar furniture or coffee shop furniture, are also made of MDF dyed white in a matte finish.

The bar of the restaurant makes the connection between the inner and outer environment with its design and also with the materials used. For the HI-MACS Opal bar counter and LED lighting were used to create a clear-obscure effect with edge made of HI-MACS Alpine White. Since HI-MACS bindings have seamless joints, the countertop bar with a 5 meters length seems made of a single piece. Juxtaposing the architect’s vision with the properties of the materials used and with the manufacturing technology owned by Atvangarde, a spectacular, durable and ecological design was created.

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