Unconventional Design for info-point in Mega Mall in Bucharest – HI-MACS signage elements

The opening of Mega Mall Bucharest was the biggest event in May. Nepi, the developer of the project, having an impressive budget of 165 million euro,  had very high standards regarding the design so no penny was spared when it came to the quality of materials, choosing the manufacturers, suppliers or project management companies. Among the attractions of the mall are the info-points, signage elements made of HI-MACS ® that are not only maps of the mall but true interactive gadgets. There are 8 of them, all placed in strategic points, equipped with touch screens that allow visualizing not only the locations of the stores but also movie trailers of the movies than can be seen at Cinema City. The developer wanted these element to meet several requirements: to be made of a material that is resistant to high traffic, easily maintained, with a long warranty but also to be interesting and to motivate and capture the attention of the public, to be able to incorporate the touch-screens, to have an unconventional design and to maintain the idea of an info-desk.

The project that was approved was the one made entirely by Atvangarde Design Team. Taking into consideration all the requirements of the developer HI-MACS was the material used because it makes possible the manufacturing of the elements of the commercial furniture for public spaces thanks to its properties that allow invisible joints making the elements seem as made from a single monolithic piece, It is thermo formable making possible the manufacturing of organic forms and is also translucent.

Regarding the color, HI-MACS Alpine White was used for the making of the body of the piece while HI-MACS Opal, part of the translucent palette, was chosen for the letter “I”, manufactured using the intarsia process and backlit with LED lights.

All the curved shapes were achieved by thermoforming the material using high density moulds and the ventilated areas of the touch screens were discretely masked using the CNC processed logos of Mega Mall made of HI-MACS.

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