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The process of expanding  Henri Coanda International Airport is still in progress,  aiming to reach the highest quality standards for facilities and services offered.

Atvangarde, after designing the handcraft space dedicated to selling Romanian traditional products – Art&Craft  – was also chosen to  manufacture the store furniture  for the winery:  Wine Expresss Shop. The architecture studio D3/Abstract Design designed the arrangement that provide a complete experience for customers, giving the felling of a real wine house. That is why the whole concept was broth to life using specific wine house materials like stone and wood.

The experience in manufacturing a diversity of materials and the latest manufacturing technologies allowed us to recreate exactly the visions of architects also finding alternative solutions for some initially proposed materials that were not feasible at the moment. For example, plating with Fiama Buceardat adhesive proposed at the beginning was replaced with HPL Polyrey Ciment Frais, a finish which mimics the natural stone and reduces the load generated by a 20 mm thick stone on the furniture structure. Thus, the back wall became easy to handle while at the same time keeping the finish look that was initially proposed.

Even more, the materials used in the manufacturing of the furniture for the store were: veneered MDF with native oak essence, MDF dyed matte, dyed metal, transparent Plexi glass and not least HI-MACS Natural Acrylic Stone. To follow the strict requirements of airports furniture for in terms of fire resistance, we used fireproof MDF.

In order to highlight the products using at the same time the space in an efficiently way, the furniture mainly consists in vertical backwalls and field gondolas. The back walls reminds of the traditional storage module of wine bottles in wooden crates. Each pack has at the basis a transparent Plexiglas insertion behind which there is a LED strip. There have been numerous tests taking into account various types of Plexi glass intensities and the different temperatures of LED strips and also the positioning in order to reach optimal lighting. Although the furniture gave a unified image, in order to highlight the product more the wine bottles were not supposed to reflect light thus disturbing the attention from other products. A distinctive feature of the back walls is the position of the lower “crates”. They are inclined according to the angle of customers eye view. Also the back walls with personalized wine, sponsored by a specific brand, have the upper storage space glowing red light by using backlit plexiglas red insertions.

Another distinctive element of the commercial space is the highlight of the edges using the 45 degrees joints technique and also the smooth lines in the design.

The cash desk integrates in the design the by thanks to the simple, straight volumes and the materials used: HI-MACS, dyed metal and Plexi glass. HI-MACS is a composite material that embodies the look of natural stone and meets all the functional requirements for applications in airports: low flammability and high resistance to intensive use. The non-porous hygienic surface is easy to clean and maintain.

The requirements of the architecture studio were centered on specific finishes and exceptional quality of execution which Atvangarde managed to fulfill successfully.

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