Winston Smoking Lounge – Concept for RMF made of HI-MACS by Atvangarde

Opened in December 2014 in AFI Palas Cotroceni Winston Smoking Lounge was designed as a multifunctional space for leisure for smokers, being a bar and a coffee shop at the same time. Inspired by the American bars of Route 66 from the 60’s, designer Mihai Popescu, Twins Studios, suggested a colorful and luminous concept, using only HI-MACS.

The owner of the space wanted a material that meets a number of design requirements and functionality at the same time: brand visibility for Winston with fulfillment of the specifications of the brand book, high mechanical resistance, thermo formability and translucency than allows invisible jointing, as if made from one piece.

HI-MACS bar – monolithic piece, as if made from one piece, with a curved angle, made possible by the material’s properties of having seamless joints and thermo formability. Regarding the coloring, three colors have been used, Ivory White, Mazarin Blue and Sky Blue. In the front of the bar is a display for JIT products made of HI-MACS Lucent Opal, back lit with cold LED lighting.

HI-MACS cigarette display – placed at the back of the bar, follows the general chromatic of the bar: thermoformed HI-MACS with CNC work made of Mazarin Blue and Lucent Opal, also back lit. Cigarette packages are exposed in a pusher system.

HI-MACS tables – eclectic and art-deco design for coffee tables in colors of Ivory White and Mazarin Blue manufactured with CNC work and thermoformed.

Signage elements – every signage element were designed to high-light Winston’s strong brand fulfilling the requirements of the brand book. Using usually used material in the advertising market the curved, translucent and monolithic shapes would not have been possible because of the material’s limitations. All of these properties are specific to the acrylic composite materials.

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