ProShop Salomon premium concept store.

Shop  furniture for the new Salomon  flagship store in Romania

Salomon Romania, opening on 31 October 2016,the largest magazine monobrand in Europe is a completely new concept of improvement and furniture. It is situated on Boulevard Unirii and is located on the 2nd floor. Turning it into a space located on the ground floor of a block in an authentic pilot store was a real challenge for Paradigma Studio, for the architectural office and also for Atvangarde , the furniture merchant who completed the interior design.

The Salomon store represented a real challenge for the team at Paragdigma Studio , the challenge that was realized only  when they saw the space and knew how it made the brand `Solomon` said Andra Marinescu-Vladut . The  high point came  in the moment when  the beneficiaries told us that it will be the largest store in Europe and that it had to be a flagship store. A `Gucci` of Salomon. A store that needed to inspire the technical idea through all the pores, while at the same time would not be portrayed in the classical image of the industry. Inside the store we concluded that we needed to combine three essential aspects: mountain trekking, urban running, skiing and two types of scenery: mountain and urban. We carefully chose 4 types of materials that we thought were important to use : cubic stone, rough and finished wood (painted MDF), concrete and board. ”

Perimeter furniture made of MDF painted matt and solid wood

To begin, an alternating space with showcases and supporting pillars. For the pillars we chose slat wall panels made of matte black MDF , which allow the types of practical use for the metals accessories used for product exposure and with panels of ruler and solid wood planks left in the natural color of the pine: “Natural wood leads the thoughts to the mountain area, to the idea of mountain cabins, where skiers stop to rest”, said the architect.

To maximize the potential of the stores showcase Paradigma proposed double-side volumetric boxes, one facing into the store in form of black-wall MDF painted matt black for product exposure and another  facing the street to display the fashion models . Boxes surround a store access door in the display window , practical but  invisible , which allows changing fashion models.

By definition they had to communicate the idea of information and presentation.  In this way we created some boxes which conceptualized the idea of ‘tourist information ‘. What gave us some headaches were the technical part of making these boxes, the realization and execution that represented was a real challenge and one which we would not have been able to put into practice without the Atvangarde experience and skill .

Finished wood in the form of painted MDF can be found in both the storehouses and the staircase that connects the ground floor in the form of alternate panels, which shows the raw concrete in the back, in a stylized block on the Boulevard Unirii, “continues Andra Marinescu-Vladut

The cash desk area was made of rolled sheet metal, matt black painted in electrostatic field, and MDF elements over which a microcake spatula was applied following the idea of urban landscape.

“The concrete flooring suggests the ‘urban’ get into space, an extrapolation idea with cubic stone cladding, often found in the central areas of the city.”


Metal-painted steel accessories in electrostatic field for product exposure

Atvangarde was developed and assimilated into production in the last year all metal processing technology and electrostatic powder coating, so necessary to fabric metallic accessory, to expose the product . The Salomon concept incorporates virtually all the accessory products, metal exposure backyard bent shelves, blister-type hangers, power bars and “U” bars for hanger exposure, consoles and laser-perforated wall panels.

Through the materials we use , with contrasting texture and finishes , we tried to create a dynamic textured decoration but discretely colorful , perfect to highlight the main actors of the scene , Salomon products , colorful products , products to complete the perfect decor without losing the design of the store.



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